Jorge Robles Mella


Chilean Air Force Commander-in-Chief


General ROBLES was born in Quillota, on June 3rd, 1957, son of Mr. Carlos Robles Robles and his wife, the late Mrs. Fresia Mella Torrealba. He studied at the “Miguel León Prado” Institute, in Santiago city. He is married to Mrs. Ximena Zañartu and they have two children: Jorge and María José.


He joined the Chilean Air Force as a Cadet in January 1974 and graduated from the Air Force Academy, class 1976, receiving his commission as Second Lieutenant, in the Air Register. During his 40-years professional career, he has served in the 1st, 8th and 12th Squadrons as a fighter pilot and instructor, flying more than 3.000 hours in combat and training aircrafts. In the upper stages of his career and being a Colonel, he served in the Vth Air Brigade, Operations Directorate, Human Resources Division, Air Attaché to the Chilean Embassy in the United States and Liaison Officer of the Chilean Air Force in the XIIth. Air Force Headquarters, and subsequently, he was appointed as Chilean Air War College Director. In January 2010 he was promoted to the rank of Major General, taking office as the Secretary General of the Air Force, after which he was assigned to the National Defense Joint Staff as Chief of the Strategic Planning and Control Division. In December, 2012 he was promoted to Lieutenant General and took office as Chief of the Air Force General Staff, up to his designation as Chilean Air Force Commander-in-Chief, which also involves his promotion to the rank of General.


General Robles graduated as “Staff Officer” from the Chilean Air War College where he also got the title of Military Professor in “Operations” and in “Strategy”.

He has an Engineering Degree and an M.A. in “Military Administration Sciences”(Chilean Air Force College), a Diploma and an M.A. in “Security and Defense” (National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies” of Chile), and a Diploma in “The Islam in a Global Era” (University of Chile).

He is a graduated from the Air Command Staff College, Air University, Maxwell, Alabama, U.S.A. and he approved the “Joint Operations Planning Course” at the Maritime Warfare Centre, Southwick Park, England./


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Lecturer in several Seminars, at national and international scope (USA 2011 and 2012; Colombia 2009, Ecuador 2011).

Representative and coordinator on behalf of the Chilean Air Force in the working up of the “Book of the Defense 2010” published by the National Defense Ministry of Chile.

Director of the Diploma “The Chilean Aerospace System and its function at the National Level”, (2010), organized by the Federico Santa María University, the General Directorate for Civil Aviation and the Chilean Air Force .

Coordinator and lecturer in the last “American Defense Ministers Conference 2012”, in the thematic axe “Natural Disasters, Protection of the Environment and the biodiversity”, with the Chilean proposal “A mechanism for information interchange of support capacities facing Natural Disasters”.